Protect yourself against pest birds





Once fitted, ECOPIC® forms a virtually invisible barrier to deter birds from landing or nesting on the fitted surfaces, whilst causing them no harm.


  • All types of building
  • All types of surface
  • All types of gutter

Main advantages

  • Easy to fit
  • Discreet
  • Economical
  • Reliable


Spikes in stainless-steel / Steelinox® / Steelinox®+ (Ø 1,3 mm or 1,4 mm), jointly pliable on a polycarbonate base, mass UV-stabilised.

ECOPIC® is manufactured using noncorroding materials.

ECOPIC® has a 10 years warranty*.


ECOPIC® can be fitted to all surfaces (zinc, wood, stone, reinforced, concrete, cement mortar, marble...).

Installation : optimum weather conditions

  • Temperatures between +5°C and +30°C, sheltered from rain.

Preparation of the surface :

  • Cleaning with Selcleaning®
  • Removal of dust, dirt and grease, drying
  • If necessary, application of a primer on porous surfaces.

Simple, fast, precise fitting :

  • With silicone adhesive
  • With screws or nails.

Recommendation for optimised gluing :

  • Selfixing® silicone adhesive.

ECOCLIPS 3 can be fitted to all types of gutter with a rim of 12 to 30 mm (metallic or synthetic materials).
Fitting by simply clipping to the outer part of the gutter.

*Guarantee : ECOPIC conditions available upon simply request. Pictures and drawings non-contractual