Protect yourself against pest birds


Bird Out

Bird Out


BIRD-OUT® provides an efficient barrier to protect against birds.
Its components are flexible, so they fit all architectural profiles perfectly, whilst preserving the aesthetic quality of the area to be protected.


  • Sloping roofs, flat roofs
  • Bridges
  • Statues
  • Cornices, tympana
  • Bell towers
  • Inner courtyards
  • Street-lights

Main advantages

  • Very fast fitting
  • Can be adapted to all surfaces
  • Discreet
  • Available in Steelinox® or stainless-steel


BIRD-OUT® uses a sequential electric generator equipped with a condenser, to produce a repellent effect that is harmless to birds, according to human standards.

System available in Steelinox® or in stainless-steel rods Ø 2 mm, length 1 m.

Easy to bend to follow the profile of the architecture.

Directional changes can easily be produced using BDO clips or torsion springs.

BIRD-OUT® has a 10 years warranty* (excludes the generator).


BIRD-OUT® can be fitted to all types of surface (zinc, wood, stone...).

Installation :

  • Optimum weather conditions thermal range +5°C to +40°C.

Simple, fast, precise fitting :

  • With silicone adhesive
  • With screws or nails.

Recommendation for optimised gluing :

  • SELFIXING® silicone adhesive.

We do not recommend fitting the supports on surfaces with easy public access (window ledges, etc.).

Installation of a warning sign is required.

*Guarantee : ECOPIC conditions available upon simply request. Pictures and drawings non-contractual